Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Musical Drawing in Illustrator

This is the the drawing I made in Illustrator that was inspired by the song we listened to in class.  I translated the song with vibrant colors, wiggly lines (to represent the bending feeling of the notes), a "bubble" in the middle because the song sounded like popping bubbles, and a black line through the middle to represent the piercing static sound at the beginning and ending of the song.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Practice with Vector Drawing: Line Art Trace

Original line art (I picked a different drawing from my previous post because the other one had a lot of shading, and I wanted to give myself a challenge with a piece that had curved lines in it)...

My trace of the line art. Added colors for fun...

Effective Logos

There are so many awesome logos out there, I had trouble picking my favorites and only choosing two... so I compromised and picked three!

1) Sun Microsystems (bought out in 2010 by Oracle Corporation). Their logo was "sun" interlaced in four different directions:

2) Goodwill. Their logo features a "g" that is a half-smiley face!

3) Resource Management Concepts, Inc. This is the company I worked for last summer. It's a medium-sized government contracting company that works with environmental safety and information technology. Their logo features a box that is unfolding because to them, "thinking outside the box" just isn't enough! Haha.

Apparently I really like blue logos.

Line Art: "The House"

This is a drawing I found on

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Collage of Scanned Images

Layers: Green tissue paper (background), grass thing (lower left and right corners), french scarf (low opacity- bottom left), glass shards (upper right), turtle, sprinkles, leaves, colorful scarf (low opacity, covering all previous layers), margarita glass

Originally, I wanted to provide juxtaposition between the bright green tissue paper and the more brownish images of nature (grass, leaves, turtle). Once I played with it a little more and added more images, it lost the green vs. brown theme. It was fun to make though.